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Wuhan tornado

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Massive tornado adds to reeling Wuhan’s woes

Wuhan tornado

Fish and shrimp were deposited in nearby mountains by the tornado.

  • That tornado caused damage in neighborhoods near the.

  • Once upon a time they might have been the only causes besides potential other worldly interventions.

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At least 12 dead as tornadoes rip through two Chinese provinces

Vehicles were overturned, and many trees were snapped or uprooted along the path.

  • Some factories were toppled in the region, and electrical facilities and residential buildings were also reportedly damaged.

  • In Huanggang County, the auditorium of Zongluzui High School was destroyed during a movie viewing, killing 86 people and injuring hundreds.

  • The tornadoes destroyed 4,800 buildings, 11 schools and 14 factories.

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