Gehraiyaan - ‘Gehraiyaan’: A messy film about complicated people

Gehraiyaan Gehraiyaan trailer:

Gehraiyaan Trailer Review: Netizens Call It Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna 2.0

Gehraiyaan 'Gehraiyaan' trailer:

Gehraiyaan Review: The Only Reason To Invest Two And A Half Hours

Gehraiyaan Gehraiyaan Review:

Gehraiyaan (2022)

Gehraiyaan 'Gehraiyaan' Is

Gehraiyaan Gehraiyaan (2022)

Gehraiyaan Gehraiyaan Trailer

Gehraiyaan trailer: Deepika, Siddhant, Ananya, Dhairya will take us through the journey of complex human relationships

Gehraiyaan Gehraiyaan (web

Gehraiyaan Gehraiyaan's plausible

Gehraiyaan 'Gehraiyaan' Is

Gehraiyaan Gehraiyaan Review:

Gehraiyaan Review: The Only Reason To Invest Two And A Half Hours

Gehraiyaan Movie Review: With an exciting climax and bravura performances GEHRAIYAAN makes for a decent watch

On top of that, she realizes his plans to kill her when she sees him mixing her anxiety pills in her drink.

  • The only objective of making such a movie is to showcase human emotions.

  • Padukone and Chaturvedi share a chemistry that sings, especially during escapist montages of their love affair.

  • Yoga instructor Alisha and adman-turned-writer Karan have been together for six years, but Zain's entry into the frame upsets the delicate balance between the couple - the former's earnings take care of the household bills as the latter finds inspiration for the opening of his first novel hard to come by.

Gehraiyaan's plausible theories and ending explained: Will Shakun Batra's twisted love saga get a sequel?

Listen to the , only on Also, the film passes off Deepika and Ananya, separated in real life by 13 years, as contemporaneous and that is a difficult-to-digest stretch.

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  • You can watch it only on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Everyone is dealing with their own set of struggles.