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What is History?

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But WAS it history? E.H. Carr and history curricula

Carr's early political outlook was anti-Marxist and liberal.

  • The author then made his theory of international relations clearer in the second half of the book.

  • Last year, What is History? The failure of Western historians to produce an adequate interim account has also been due mainly to preoccupation with current politics.

  • Carr A Critical Appraisal ed.

E. H. Carr, The Russian Revolution and the West, NLR I/111, September

This does not mean his theories subscribe wholly to a material causality.

  • Carr was best known for his 14-volume history of the Soviet Union, in which he provided an account of Soviet history from 1917 to 1929, for his writings on international relations, and for his book What Is History? After all, an English historian can praise the achievements of the reign of Henry viii without being supposed to condone the beheading of wives.

  • All empirical facts exist in relation to the point at which they are linked to empirical sense experience.

  • Further increasing Carr's interest in a replacement ideology for liberalism was his reaction to hearing the debates in January 1931 at the General Assembly of the League of Nations in , Switzerland, and especially the speeches on the merits of free trade between the Yugoslav Foreign Minister Vojislav Marinkovich and the British Foreign Secretary.

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