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Restaurant Ratha Raub @ Damansara Uptown

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Restaurant Ratha Raub @ Damansara Uptown

The Ratha Yatra in Dhamrai is one of the most important events for the Hindu community of Bangladesh.

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  • Divided into four tiers, with the first tier housing the poorest folk and the fourth tier housing the richest.

  • Both of us like it a lot and I found myself drinking the gravy like soup! Inspired by my eldest daughter who's a lifestyle blogger to start my own blog who taught me everything from scratch.

Food Review: Fish Head Curry @ Ratha Raub, Damansara Uptown

You could pour it in with your Roti and allow it to swim with curry.

  • Unique shops and services Ratha is home to an , who will embroider soft items such as containers , a who sells vases suitable for flower arrangements, and a who will customize his leathers with various crests upon request.

  • These chariot journeys have elaborate celebrations where the individuals or the deities come out of a temple accompanied by the public journeying with them through the Ksetra region, streets to another temple or to the river or the sea.

  • They serve superb food fresh daily, taste the best quality of food in your mouth.

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