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We only get a few hours of overlap to visit between when he wakes up and I go to sleep.

  • Who wouldn't want to own a hedgie? All hedgehogs in the U.

  • The type of cage is up to you, but you should avoid those with wire floors and should check that the spacing in the wire sides are 1inch or smaller — as these little critters may otherwise be able to squeeze through! Select housing with a smooth floor and walls, such as an aquarium.

  • Only then will it be possible for a vet to clean, polish and x-ray hedgehog teeth.

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Hedgehogs have a few other very particular requirements to keep in mind, as well.

  • Continue to hold the animal until it relaxes and begins to explore your hands.

  • It may not look like a serious disease at first, but it eventually kills.

  • When relaxed, the quills lie flat, and sometimes hedgehogs will even roll over so that their owners can pet their soft undersides.

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