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Island phu quoc Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc: 10 reasons to visit this secret paradise island (before everyone else does)

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Phu Quoc Prison: Gruesome Torture on a Paradise Island

Island phu quoc Phu Quoc

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Island phu quoc Phu Quoc

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Phu Quoc has many small minimarkets and a few traditional markets, though many imported foods are not available on the island.

  • The coast of Phu Quoc Island is bordered by the coast of Kampot Province and the Poulo Wai group of the island of Cambodia.

  • Take covering the major attractions, go for a snorkeling cruise amongst the rich marine life and catch fresh fish, visit the local night market and taste exotic food, or simply just lie down and laze around Long Beach all day.

  • The environmental impact was noticeable during my snorkeling trip: while the shades of blue of the water looked dreamy, what I saw underneath the surface can only be described as bleak: dead coral, and there were barely any fish or other sea creatures around.

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Or cute, hyperactive dolphins — the protagonist of the show.

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  • A war memorial stands south of the prison, on the far side of the road.

  • Furthermore, although Phu Quoc is located incredibly close to Cambodia, there is neither direct flights nor ferry to the island! Snorkel or dive amongst colorful fishes Image: Inspitrip Take a snorkeling tour either on the or of Phu Quoc Island.